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Our History

I began my career in the autobody industry in 1994 at a Freightliner dealership working as a shop apprentice, helping with every aspect of the shop processes and learning from every technician. I already had a strong background in heavy fabrication, so this is where I was placed early on as my role in the shop. I was given the opportunity to step into the paint booth one day, where it was proven that I had a natural ability for laying down paint. I have always been one to jump into everything head on and quickly excelled through the ranks in the shop. I found myself unchallenged in that job after a couple years and got a job in a Cadillac dealership, where I was able to hone my skills, but was also introduced to a couple restoration projects. This eventually led to me getting a job in a shop that specialized in restoration & custom projects. I was never able to see eye to eye with the owner of that shop in the styling and concept design of our projects, which eventually led to the necessity to move on.

Why RR/C?

I started my business in 2003 as Ramirez Rod & Custom focusing solely on restoration, custom builds & custom paint where we were fortunate enough to be involved in multiple high-end projects from around the country. After struggling through, and surviving, the economic downturn in 2008, we added collision repair as a full-time service. Around 2010 we completely phased the restoration/custom aspect of the business out and focused on collision repair as our only service and RR/C Collision Center was born. We were well known for the unprecedented quality we put into our custom work. Therefore, we wanted to make sure that standard of quality was put into every collision repair we performed. 

Our Promise of Excellence

The safety of our customer and the liability of our company is top priority, no questions. We are actively investing in the proper training and making the necessary purchases to be able to fulfill those quality standards. I have the luxury of having been able to assemble a crew who not only understands what our mission is, but is able to implement it with the means they have been given.

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Office Staff

Chris Ramirez


Yarely Flores

Administrative Coordinator

Joey Detrick

Parts Manager

Katie Triscori

Estimator/Repair Planner

Bob Garner

Estimator/Repair Planner

Shop Staff

Ty Anderson

Production Manager/Lead Technician

Clay Wass

Structural/Body Technician

Cameron Parmely

Refinish Technician

Chad Williams

Body/Refinish Technician

Aaron Pfaff

Shop Apprentice

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