Recently, Mercedes-Benz stated that the proliferation of counterfeit parts is on the rise, with almost 2 million counterfeit automotive parts seized in more than 650 customs and law enforcement raids in 2021 alone. That’s a 6% increase in counterfeit automotive parts over the previous year.

Citing the pandemic and supply chain shortages as being the motivators for people to seek alternative suppliers, the automaker suggested that product piracy – especially via online platforms is on the rise.

Mercedes is also doing whatever they can to hunt down and flush out criminal activity. They check suspicious offers of online and social media outlets worldwide. Their concern is not just one of the theft of intellectual property – but also of public safety.

The automaker recommends that consumers check unusual offers very carefully. Dubious online sources as well as obvious defects and even extremely low prices are all red flags and should alert buyers to the possibility of a scam.

A spokesperson for the brand suggested that consumers should always work directly with an authorized dealer to make sure that the parts they are buying are legitimately authentic and safe.

According to the Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council, which is a collaboration of North American automakers whose function is to identify and stop the proliferation of counterfeit automotive parts – the estimated finance ill impact of parts piracy entering the United States exceeds $1 billion.

They suggest that the rise in online shopping (increasing significantly as a result of the pandemic) had accounted for a net 14% increase in overall retail purchases. This, they say, has made it possible for producers of counterfeit automotive parts to conceal their activities online.

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