ADAS calibration involves the adjustment and alignment of sensors and cameras within a vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to ensure proper detection and interpretation of surroundings. This process, which may also include updating the ADAS software, is often necessary after the installation of new ADAS components or following repairs or modifications to the vehicle. Specialized equipment such as laser or optical alignment tools are typically used to perform ADAS calibration.

There are a number of problems that can occur if ADAS is not calibrated correctly. Some examples include:

  • Incorrect or misleading warnings: If the ADAS sensors and cameras are not properly aligned, the system may provide incorrect or misleading warnings to the driver. For example, the lane departure warning system may not accurately detect the lane lines, or the collision avoidance system may not accurately detect other vehicles.
  • Inaccurate assistance: If the ADAS system is not calibrated correctly, it may not be able to provide accurate assistance to the driver. For example, the adaptive cruise control may not maintain the correct distance from other vehicles, or the automated braking system may not respond appropriately in an emergency situation.
  • Reduced effectiveness: Even if the ADAS system is functioning correctly, it may not be as effective if it is not calibrated properly. For example, the lane departure warning system may not be able to provide as much assistance if it is not accurately detecting the lane lines.

Unfortunately, nationwide statistics show that ADAS calibration is not being performed adequately at most auto shops. This may be due to a lack of training or equipment at the shop, or because the shop environment is not conducive to proper calibration. As a result, many ADAS systems may not be functioning correctly, which can compromise the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.

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